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Social Security Numbers & Identity

A Social Security Number search is the first step in performing a due-diligence background, and a critical part of an effective criminal check. It can provide other names and addresses your candiate might not have self-disclosed.Learn More»

Criminal Records

Protect your resources and protect your workforce and clients from violence and illegal activities with criminal record checks . Learn More »

Driving Records

If an employee will be doing any driving while working for you, you will be subject to liability for his or her actions. You need to be informed before you risk your business with this person behind the wheel. Learn More »


Ensure the the employee you hire has the education, qualifications, skills and experience that they claim, that you need, and that you use to set their compensation. Click to learn more about education and employment verifications.


Dates of employment and job title provide only limited information. Hearing from past supervisors about what your candidate was like on the job will help you make an informed hiring decision. Learn More »

Credit Reports

A credit report shows the credit history of your candidate and may include judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and credit card payment history. There are rules and restrictions on when, and if, employers can request credit reports. Learn More »

Drug Screening

The impact of substance abuse by an employee in the workplace can be one of the most costly, but invisible, line items on a company’s balance sheet. Drug testing will give you a more stable and productive workforce. Learn More »

Government lists

Depending on your business, the goverment may require one or more checks of various watch lists, exclusion lists or debarment lists. We can search any of these lists that are required for you.Learn More »

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Parkin Security Consultants has been in the background check / information-gathering business since 1981. We’ve built our business on word of mouth referrals by clients impressed with our customer service. We take pride in gathering accurate data and getting it to you quickly, in an easy-to-understand format and with the highest degree of confidentiality.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we provide service to clients all across the country. From heavy industry to high tech and bio tech, educators to custodial services, temporary staffing agencies to individual consultants, we can handle them all.

Tenant Credit Check Screening Services.
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WorkSafe Technologies

Earthquake mitigation, anti-theft systems, and ergonomic solutions. See More »